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Consider going mobile for your first business

Most first businesses struggle to make it past their first year in operation. If you are planning on going into business for yourself and you want to survive, especially in a crowded sector such as IT, you’ll need to strike a balance between product focus and service versatility. Here are some reasons making your first business a mobile one can help you achieve this.

You’ll be offering extra value

Businesses that can physically go directly to the customer offer a significant value proposition because they are respectful of the customer’s time and can provide a more personalised service. Seeking your assistance won’t involve the effort of driving to your store – it will be a simple matter of picking up the phone or even sending an email. For the modern-day, time-poor businessperson, the time savings and convenience of this solution are extremely attractive.

A great example of this kind of service can be found in mobile IT repair companies like Computer Emergency, where an on-the-go nature allows for the rapid resolution of various technical crises. It’s a model that’s been used by mobile car mechanics for years – a problem arises, the customer calls in, and a technician is dispatched immediately to address it.

You’ll save on costs

Some of the biggest costs of running a business relate to physical location expenses. The rent on commercial space can be intimidating enough alone, not to mention the money you’ll lose on electricity, cleaners, office furniture, and other incidental costs. If you could eliminate or significantly reduce these factors, just think of all the extra revenue you’ll be able to dedicate to more important things – like investing in your staff and keeping your equipment up to date.

A mobile business gives you the freedom to base your operations wherever suits you and your budget. You could run the company from your home’s study or simply keep all the essentials ready to go in the vehicle you use to travel from site to site. Or, if having a professional headquarters is important to you, you can choose a building in a less expensive area.

You’ll be able to evolve and grow more easily

As your business develops, you might discover key aspects of your company that you’d like to improve or rethink. In some cases, doing so is simpler when a physical location isn’t involved. For example, if you pick up a major client on the other side of town, relocating an entire office is much more stressful than saving a new destination in your mobile team’s GPS!

The walls of a stationary workplace can also be quite restrictive for an expanding business. If demand for your products or services increases, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to add new staff. You may only need to purchase an additional vehicle, which is quite a small investment compared to renting a second office space.

Going mobile when establishing your first business could be the deciding factor between success and closing your doors in 12 months. Doing so conveys an understanding of your customers’ needs and a respect for their time and attention. Combine this with exemplary customer service and you’ll generate return business, growth and positive word-of-mouth. To use a term business school graduates love, you will be upwardly-mobile in no time!

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