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Updating office furniture: Great ways to avoid the biggest, baddest blunders imaginable

If you think that all office furniture is equal or that it can’t really be that challenging to buy some office furniture to fill your space, you might just be setting yourself up for an expensive mistake.

Suppliers like TableLegsOnline.com are testament to the wide availability of viable options when it comes to updating your office furniture, so here is a look at some of the aspects of buying what you need and how to avoid any potential purchasing blunders.

It is not always a beauty contest

Think about how easily you can be drawn to a great looking car that really takes your eye in the showroom, but it isn’t really suitable for what you need out of your motoring.

Apply this analogy to buying your office furniture and you will soon appreciate that it is almost always a mistake to choose looks over comfort.

There are many chairs available that look great, but if they don’t make the grade when it comes to comfort, you will soon be thinking that you don’t really care how good it looks and probably be on the lookout for a new seating option.

Aesthetics do play their part for sure, but make sure a chair is comfortable rather than buying it for its looks.

Don’t dismiss the used option

If you have money to burn in your business and want to fill your office space with shiny new furniture, good luck to you, but prudence and common sense dictate that you should not readily dismiss the used option.

There are plenty of reasons why some used office furniture becomes available. It could be that the original owners are a corporate giant who are having a makeover or moving offices, or it might be liquidated stock.

Both these scenarios mean that you could pick up some great quality used office furniture at really low prices. Used office furniture doesn’t have to be cheap or nasty, so keep an open mind and you might just bag a bargain.

Getting the pricing right

Many businesses are working to a budget of some sort, which means that you will want to try and get the office furniture you need at the lowest possible price available.

A lower priced budget item will definitely appeal from a financial perspective, but it could turn out to be a short-term strategy that comes back to haunt you, sooner than you think.

Choosing price over quality can often turn out to be a false economy in the long run. If you buy a more expensive version of a similar looking chair, depending on how much difference there is the price tag, there is a reasonable chance that the better quality one will last between two and three times longer than the economy model.

Unless you paid two or three times more in the first place, you will actually be saving money by choosing quality over price.

These are just some of the classic mistakes that some of us can make when buying office furniture, so try to avoid them if you don’t want to damage your bottom line too much.

About the author

Oliver Morgan is a commercial interior designer. He has experience with hotels, restaurants as well as office revamps. When work is quiet he enjoys sharing his ideas and knowledge with small-business owners online.

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