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How these clever marketing strategies made 4 Aussie brands soar

In this exploration, I will dive into how four Australian SMEs—Bellroy, Go-To Skin, Lidee and QuadLock—have not just made a mark locally but also soared to national fame through clever marketing strategies.

Just a bit on the brands (in case you don’t know them):

  • Bellroy, valued at $83 million, has seen significant growth by expanding its range of carry goods, generating about $29.4 million annually. 
  • Go-To Skin Care, established by Zoë Foster Blake, was valued at $177 million and achieved annual sales of $36.8 million before being acquired by BWX for $89 million. 
  • QuadLock has reached a $100 million annual revenue mark, serving customers in over 100 countries, thanks to its innovative smartphone mounting solutions. 
  • Lidee, even though a new brand, has become a household name thanks to very well thought out collaborations with celebrities and key distribution channels with likes of The Iconic, David Jones and Revolve. They reached 7 figures in a matter of months and closed out AAFW in 2023.

Bellroy: Innovating an Old Market with Sleek Designs

Bellroy took the everyday wallet and transformed it into a must-have accessory. Starting out, their slim wallets were a breath of fresh air in a market tired of the same old bulky designs. Bellroy didn’t stop at just creating a functional product; they also prioritised aesthetic appeal and sustainable practices.

Marketing Strategy: Product Show-and-Tell

Using the ‘AIDA model’ (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), Bellroy’s marketing strategy capitalised on engaging product demos. Their show-and-tell videos grabbed attention by showcasing how their wallets are different, sparking interest and desire by demonstrating the wallets’ capacity and sleek design in a tangible way. This visual strategy helped potential customers see the practical benefits, making the action—purchasing the wallet—a no-brainer.

Go-To Skin: Making Skincare Simple with a Dash of Fame

Founded by Zoë Foster Blake, a well-known author and beauty editor, Go-To Skin Care quickly became a favourite by stripping back the complexities often associated with skincare. The brand stands out for its straightforward, effective products, appealing to anyone looking for fuss-free beauty solutions.

Marketing Strategy: Celebrity Endorsement and Strategic Branding

Using the ‘Celebrity Endorsement Theory’, Go-To leveraged Zoë’s reputation for credibility and allure, giving the brand a head start in the crowded beauty market. By pairing this with savvy social media campaigns and securing shelf space in major retailers, Go-To transitioned from a cool startup to a staple in national beauty outlets.

QuadLock: More Than Just a Product

QuadLock began with an innovative solution—secure smartphone mounts for active lifestyles. But realising that being product-centric wouldn’t cut it on the bigger stage, they shifted gears towards a more brand-centric approach, focusing on the lifestyles their products enable rather than the products alone.

Marketing Strategy: Strategic Partnerships and Red Ocean to Blue Ocean Shift

Embracing the ‘Co-branding and Partnership Model’ alongside the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, QuadLock expanded its market by venturing into less contested waters. By shifting from just a practical product provider to an integral part of the action sports community, QuadLock created a new market space that offered unique value, reducing competition and increasing visibility and appeal.

Lidee: Innovating Women’s Fashion with Unique Dresses

Lidee has transformed the women’s fashion market with dresses that are not only elegant but also sustainable and memorable. By focusing on the core product and eco-friendly practices, Lidee dresses have become a must-have for fashion conscious Australians.

Marketing Strategy: Leveraging the 4 Ps (yes – the good old 4 P’s)

Lidee offers uniquely designed, versatile dresses, made from sustainable materials, which help them stand out in a crowded market. They utilise a premium pricing strategy that reflects the dresses’ quality and sustainability. The garments are available in high-end boutiques and through an online store, reaching a global audience. For promotion, Lidee collaborates with high-profile influencers to showcase their dresses on social media platforms and at live fashion events, effectively capturing attention and creating desire.

By applying the 4 Ps, Lidee effectively positions their dresses in the luxury market, emphasising quality and exclusivity.

The transformations of Bellroy, Go-To, QuadLock and Lidee, underline a critical insight: every household brand starts with an elite product that genuinely solves a problem. Whether it’s revolutionising the way we carry our essentials, simplifying skincare, integrating technology into active lifestyles, or creating desire for unique dresses, these brands have excelled by addressing specific needs in unique ways. The combination of creative marketing and genuine problem-solving is what propels a local favourite into a national powerhouse.

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