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Managing travel costsManaging travel costs is an important factor for any business, so at a time when many companies are suffering a slowing in sales, the need to maximise savings when booking flights, accommodation and car hire is a key consideration for decision-makers.

There are a variety of options available to manage corporate travel, and in today’s competitive market it is essential to have access to a comprehensive online solution that will give travellers freedom and flexibility to book a travel itinerary, while giving managers compliance, accountability and cost control.

One such solution is an online Travel Management System, which enables companies to easily manage flight reservations, cars and hotels with a few clicks of the button. So how do you choose a Travel Management System?

Whether your company uses an existing Travel Management System or is researching the viability of the concept, following are a few things to be considered when assessing functionality:

It needs to be intuitive

An online Travel Management System needs to be simple and intuitive to allow busy users to go online, search, locate and book without fuss and in the shortest time possible. Ideally a system should meet these requirements and in fact bookings should be able to be completed in as little as 60 seconds.


Flexibility is key, as no two travellers or companies are alike. The system needs to be flexible and be customised to suit each individual company’s corporate travel policies.

Accurate and detailed reporting

An online booking solution should accurately analyse individual traveller’s activities and supply detailed reporting to managers. Monthly, weekly or daily information should be available to managers.

Seamless integration with airlines schedules

An important feature for an online travel solution is to have seamless integration to the airline reservation systems, providing companies with airlines schedules, last seat availability, and online booking capabilities.

Individual travel profiles

With access to individual travel profiles, travellers should be able to manage their own information. The individual traveller needs real-time, interactive online reporting facilities providing the traveller with tools to manage in detail their corporate travel itineraries.

There are a number of great online travel management solutions out there in the marketplace. MAXIMise has developed a Travel Management System which allows users to easily log on, manage their travel arrangements and then log off in record time. Users are able to update their profile, review past and present travel plans and make reservations adhering to their company’s travel policy.

MAXMise is ready to start saving you time and money – right now.

– Catherine Craig is the national sales and marketing manager for Maxim’s Travel (www.maxims-travel.com)

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