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Top tips for writing a brilliant job ad

Too often both employers and recruiters hurry to write a job ad, place it on the internet and are then baffled as to why the one perfect candidate hasn’t applied for the role.  What is the difference between an ordinary job ad and a brilliant job ad?

Attract Candidates to Your Business
Market your organisation as much as the job opportunity itself. Consider what is great about working for your business. Is it the team? The job progression available? Training?  Remember that whilst salary is important, other benefits will also play a part in attracting your desired candidates.

Know Who You are Targeting
You are trying to attract that one perfect candidate, so build an image of them in you head. What would attract them to your role? What skills should they posses?

Once you have developed a profile of your ideal candidate, speak directly to them! Think about key words that they would respond to and use them in writing the job ad. Try using some of the following:

  • Job Title: Be creative and stand out from the crowd.
  • Job Location: How accessible is this venue?
  • Use Emotive Advantages: Good team, good leadership, training and development.
  • Intangible benefits: Let the ad sell what’s good about the role, the company and the lifestyle.


Ideal Media
Think about which media your ideal candidate is searching for jobs in.

Don’t be Vague!
Sell the opportunity. Be relevant, attention grabbing, and emotive.

Spelling & Grammar
Check! Check! Check!

Limit Your Ad to 3 or 4 Paragraphs
Short and sweet.

Application Options
Provide your candidates with multiple options to connect with you.

Call to Action
Finish your advertisement with a demand that your potential candidate do something. Try using phrases such as “Apply Now” or “Don’t miss this great career opportunity.”

Claire Monahan is the general manager of new firm Rent a Recruiter (www.rentarecruiter.com.au)

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