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Effective “Green Brain” Twitter Tips

Effective “Green Brain” Twitter TipsTwitter is the latest social networking craze sweeping the nation. A micro-blogging site that encourages real time communication and conversation with followers in a public forum, it has been touted as a great networking tool for business. So how can you utilise Twitter to effectively communicate your message and brand? It’s all about how you utilise the emotional side of your brain, the “green brain” to stimulate a response and provide a call to action for consumers.

Engaged effectively, Twitter can help business owners increase brand awareness, boost enquiries and even obtain referrals.

There’s a lot to learn about Twitter, and there are different uses for different people.  If you’re in sales, you can use traditional selling techniques and effective communication strategies for business results.  This starts with recognising how to activate the green brain in just 140 characters.

Tweet Green

There are two parts to the human brain.  There’s the left side, commonly known as Logical and the right side, the Emotional.  We use the Emotional part of our brain to make many buying decisions and we use the Logical part of our brain to justify these decisions.

The Emotional brain is the GREEN brain.  Think of it this way – what do we do at a green light? Put the pedal to the metal and we go.

The Logical brain is our RED Brain.  What do we do at a red light?  We stop, look around and move with caution.

If you’re looking to inspire a reaction from your Twitter followers, your tweets should appeal to the green brain and pre-empt the red brain’s ‘concerns’.

Mentions of product, service features, price, warranty or instructions are red brain skewed. They are logical words which cause a person to halt, over think and investigate before any decision is made. These kinds of words make your prospect procrastinate.

Green brain words stimulate emotional senses that accelerate decision making. Words that excite, embarrass, encourage peace of mind and are associated with accomplishment are all green brain. The more senses you ignite, the more responses you’ll receive.

The ‘What’s In It For Me’ Tweet

Most of your followers/customers will be asking themselves What’s In It For Me?

In your tweet, it is important to specifically mention the return for the follower.  People are motivated to action when they can see personal gain.

For example,

Wow – the [name of business] is exploding – so many businesses getting involved and growing their business – DM for more info.

This tweet has minimal WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  It shows that the company is exploding (good emotional word), which may peak some followers’ curiosity.  It would grab more attention if it specified the kind of companies it helped, giving followers something to relate to.  For greater green brain appeal, the tweet could read:

“[Name of Business] is exploding profits of SMEs & is now inundated with businesses to help…DM for the secrets!”

Topical Tweeting

One of the number one motivators of human behaviour and decision making is avoiding a problem, issue, concern, worry or stress. If you understand your audience’s motivators and tweet about issues they are concerned with, you can also encourage interaction.

For example if your audience is small business, they are likely to be concerned right now, with cash flow.

A green brain tweet for this audience could read:

“Sick of a dry pipeline? Learn the quickest way to attract new clients now (insert website link)”.

Nobody wants a dry pipeline and everybody wants to attract new clients. Identifying a sense of accomplishment if they act on this tweet gives it GREEN appeal.

Don’t forget –not every tweet should be a sales pitch.  You’re there to have a conversation and create relationships.

If you need help or feedback on a business issue, don’t be shy to involve your followers.  The best way to generate brand awareness as well as understand what your audience is looking for is by asking them.

Remember to keep your tweets varied and don’t be afraid to share a bit about yourself, as well as that of your business.  The only thing every tweet should have in common, is that they’re GREEN.

Petar Lackovic is from the National Sales Academy is a master sales trainer with extensive experience in Neuro- Linguistic Programming  (NLP) , Conflict Resolution Skills, DISCTM and Behaviour Style Analysis.

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Petar Lackovic

Petar Lackovic

Petar Lackovic is General Manager and a master trainer at the National Sales Academy - an Australian founded company specialising in sales and communication training.

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