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By Sandra Falzon, General Manager: Marketing, InfoTrack

When people are searching for information, their first step is to head to the internet and google. So much so, that the company name is now a verb. How you rank on Google is likely to have an impact on your brand awareness, exposure and selling power.

So, what can you do to enhance your brand’s rank on Google? Here are three tips.

  1. Write interesting, unique content

People use the web to find information, which is why Google puts such a high emphasis on unique content. Creating great content that begs to be shared like videos, blog posts and e-books has major benefits. Not only does it get your brand name out there, but it also encourages people to link back to your website meaning Google gives you points in its search engine calculations.

Creating compelling, relevant and useful content like writing about what products you offer and how these can help solve problems as well as sharing industry updates and thought-leadership articles. Google has recently ranked InfoTrack as number one in Australia for national property searches. InfoTrack ranked first for organic keyword searches for “national property search” and “how to find out who owns a property Australia”, according to SEMRush. What this means is that when people look for information on title searches, InfoTrack comes up first because the information on their website is of good quality that good algorithms calculate that this information is useful to solve people’s problems.

InfoTrack also leads their competitors in keyword searches for land titles across NSW, VIC and QLD. This demonstrates InfoTrack’s leading position within the property law and conveyancing industry particularly across the Eastern states. The content on the InfoTrack website is continually kept up to date. It is recommended that thought-leadership content should be posted at least two times per week, with more being better. Google favours websites with frequently updated material that contains unique and relevant content.

  1. Link to authority sites

And request that they link back to you. Linking to authoritative sites and positioning your brand as an authority in your industry is a great way to drive more people to your site. Whether you link to high usage sites like news or choose sites that you know your brand will be mentioned, linking away to sites helps people find you when they come via another website.

Recently, the Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine ranked InfoTrack as a leader in innovative technology. As the only legal technology firm to win this award, this positions InfoTrack as leading legal tech innovators. In addition, InfoTrack recently won two 2019 Australian Business Awards (ABA), further strengthening their position as a legal technology innovator. The first as ABA100 Winner for Service Excellence award and the second as 2019 ABA Employer of Choice. By linking to these sites, InfoTrack is driving the opportunity for people to understand more about the the AFR and ABA. Both award providers have mentioned InfoTrack as an award winner, thereby encouraging visitors to the InfoTrack page.

  1. Enable social sharing

If you have great content but won’t let colleagues and clients share it, then some off your selling power is lost. Social media doesn’t have a direct influence on Google rankings, but it does help spread your content and get it in front of people, increasing brand awareness and encouraging people to visit your site and engage further.

InfoTrack has almost 5000 followers on social business platform LinkedIn, positioning the brand as both a thought-leader and information broker. InfoTrack makes it easy for people to further share content with their audience by sharing posts on social media.

Taking these steps to work towards improving your brand on Google helps to increase your brand awareness. Think about ways that you can share interesting industry updates and news, so you position your brand in a much more natural way. Google continually changes their ranking algorithms and currently, the best way forward is to keep you site up to date and full of information that will add value to your customers. Rather than selling, the emphasis needs to be on helping to solve problems and sharing content and growing a strong social community can help that. 

3 tips to ranking first on Google

Sandra Falzon is a passionate and authentic executive leader with deep experience in brand transformation and business growth. Sandra offers broad management expertise across marketing, sales, product management and consulting and has worked across large matrix organisations within financial services and telecommunications, medium-sized profit-for-purpose organisations and small businesses. A Fellow Certified Practising Marketer (CPM AMI), Sandra actively contributes to the profession as a mentor to young marketers, representative of the NSW State Chapter of the Australian Marketing Institute and judge of the Australian Marketing Awards.

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