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Women postpone retirement for flexibility

A recent study into why both women and men postpone their retirement has found that while women enjoy the social aspect of work and the flexibility it provides, men stay at work longer simply because they value their work.

Griffith University researchers Kate Shacklock, Yvonne Brunetto and Silvia Nelson from Griffith’s Centre for Work, Organisation and Welfare Research surveyed 370 over 50 workers in government organisations to find out why older workers delay retirement age.

The research revealed that for older women, higher levels of autonomy and flexibility and the opportunity for personal relationships are the main drivers for keeping them in the workforce, while for men, the importance of work and interests outside work were important in retaining older male workers.

Dr Shacklock believes this is because “women return to the workforce with enthusiasm after family commitments have been fulfilled, at the same time men are contemplating the prospect of retirement, or at least, reducing their work commitments in favour of different work-life balances.”

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