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Business mum shares tips for success

Every business mum wonders how they can “have it all.” Sharon Tieman (aka Madame Marketing) addresses this notion in her new book If I’m So Successful, How Come I Never Get To Be On Top?.

According to Tieman, it doesn’t take a superhero to be a successful woman in business.

“So many women look at others in business and wonder how they do it all. They think there is a magic formula or a way of finding a 27-hour day, but it’s much simpler than that.

“My book, If I’m So Successful, How Come I Never Get To Be On Top?, gives other women the knowledge to get on top of everything and be the successful woman they have been aspiring to be for years.”

In her book, Tieman outlines the five easy steps to fast-track business and “get on top”, provides valuable tips on making business work (including working with your husband!) and lays bare the tricks behind marketing.

For more information, please visit www.madamemarketing.com

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