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4 things your new hire training is missing

Well-trained employees are happy and productive employees. Plus, they will eat, sleep, and breathe your company if you ask them to.

I know. Employee training isn’t cheap. But I also know that the positive impacts are worth every penny.

Well-trained employees are happy, engaged, productive–and they will eat, sleep, and breathe your company if you ask them to.

Of course, not all training methods work properly for every position, company, or industry. To gain some insight on some interesting (and successful) training methods I talked to Millard Cull, president of Avidity, a scientific research and product manufacturing company.

Cull’s business employs scientists. This means his employees require high-quality–and highly specific–training to be successful within the company and the field. His scientists are often asked to perform tasks outside of their “comfort zone.”

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