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Whether you’re running a marathon, taking to the skies for a bungee jump, or taking a vow of silence for a month, you’re looking to raise as much money for your chosen cause as possible. It’s crucially important that you get the message out about your sponsored event so that you generate interests and share and – who knows – go viral for your cause. This guide looks at a few of the tools you can use to reallybump up the money you’re giving to your chosen charity, by increasing interest and donations rates.

Social media

All sponsorship events should start on social media. That’s because you’re essentially embarking on a social mission or a social cause that will speak to the individuals that use social media platforms. Make a group, make content, and share information about the event you’re going to do and the charity that you’re supporting. The more content you share – and is in turn sharedby others – the better, as this will establish the vitality you need to boost your donations and raise the very utmost for your charity of choice. Don’t be afraid to ask friends to share media content with others, too.

Above and beyond

If possible, you want to take your fund-raising mission above and beyond the usual efforts of individuals that are raising money for a good cause. An excellent example of this is to make a website to sell merchandise or goodies to people across the world, with some or all of the proceeds going to your chosen charity. It’s simple enough to start an ecommerce website like this, and if you’re struggling to find inspiration, you’ll be able to talk to the experts in ecommerce platforms, who’ll guide you towards the best set-up for your site.


 A good way of combing the above two tips is to set up a ‘blog’ section on your website that shares content from your life in the run-up to your sponsorship event. A good example is marathonrunning. You might want to share your improved lap times, your training regime, your carb-ups, andyour downtime. You’ll then be able to share all this content onto social media, which will lead social media users through to your site, where they’ll be able to donate or spend money on your site in the name of charity.

Street fundraising

So much of the ecommerceand fundraising world happens on the internet these days that we forget how simple and effective it can be to stand in the centreof town with a bucket, a t-shirt anda message to give to people. Give it a go the next spare weekend you have, andyou’ll be surprised at just how many people will stop to chat and donate cash. You can even produce flyers that lead people to your website, or posters that do the same, which will establish your marketing in the traditional arena as well as the digital one.

Expand your donation base using these four savvy tips for leading sponsors to your cause.

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