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Update your cyber counter strike strategy for 2014

The threat of cyber fraud is not always top of mind for small business, however in this increasingly digital age, fraudsters can be one step ahead.

A comprehensive and tailored approach to protecting your business against online attacks has become as necessary as locking the door to your house.

BAE Systems Detica highlights that digital-savvy criminals use cyber and fraud techniques simultaneously to carry out increasingly sophisticated crimes.

Companies with the greatest success in halting major attacks do so my uniting their understanding of cyber attacks and fraud attacks. Those that don’t will continue to incur major losses by failing to do so.

According to BAE, businesses should focus on prioritising:

  1. the convergence of cyber crime and financial crime;
  2. understanding the coming of age of intelligence-driven security;
  3. handling the transition from espionage to sabotage and increasing attacks on Industrial Control Systems;
  4. facing the collision of mobile threats and enterprise security;
  5. tackling the growing shift towards identity crime.

Gavin Coulthard, Manager Systems Engineering Australia / New Zealand, Palo Alto Networks, also weighed in on the outlook for the year ahead.

He believes a key problem for business is a reliance on methods and technologies designed for the threats of yesterday

Advanced cyber threats simply can’t be effectively addressed using a “set and forget” approach to security, Coulthard said.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

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