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Credit: Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Tech Tuesday: Online survey tools for SMEs

Online surveys and polling tools have become invaluable resources for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to gather customer feedback, conduct market research, and make data-driven decisions. 

These tools offer user-friendly interfaces, customisable questionnaires, and real-time analytics, enabling SMEs to collect valuable insights quickly and efficiently. Here are ten popular online survey and polling tools suitable for SMEs, along with details and pricing information: 


HiBob is transforming the way organisations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform, Bob. In today’s dynamic world of work, asking employees for regular feedback helps organisations stay current on employee morale and guides action plans. Bob makes it easy for employers to conduct anonymous surveys to gain authentic employee feedback and readily address the needs of their team.

With data collected, companies can gain actionable insights into employees, compare results across departments, identify areas for improvement and stay in touch with your people, ultimately retaining talent and also helps improve the productivity of the company. 

Pricing: HiBob offers customised plans that best suit the company’s needs. For more information, head to https://www.hibob.com/pricing-plans/


SurveyMonkey is a popular online survey and polling tool that offers a wide range of features for SMEs. It provides various question types, such as multiple choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions, allowing businesses to gather diverse insights. The platform also offers customizable templates, making survey creation quick and easy. Additionally, SurveyMonkey provides robust analytics and reporting tools, allowing SMEs to analyze survey responses and gain valuable insights. 

The pricing for SurveyMonkey starts with a free plan that has limited features, while paid plans tailored for SMEs begin at $25 per month, offering more advanced functionalities and increased response limits.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a user-friendly and free online survey tool provided by Google. It features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for SMEs to create surveys without any technical expertise. Since it integrates seamlessly with other Google services like Google Sheets, SMEs can easily analyze and visualise the survey data. Google Forms offers a variety of question types, including multiple choice, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. It also provides options for customizing themes and designs. 

Google Forms is an ideal choice for cost-conscious SMEs looking for a reliable and straightforward survey tool without additional costs.


Typeform stands out with its visually appealing and interactive surveys that create an engaging user experience. SMEs can use advanced logic branching to create dynamic surveys based on respondents’ answers, leading to more personalized and relevant questions. Typeform offers comprehensive data analysis tools, allowing SMEs to gain deep insights and export data easily. 

While Typeform provides a free plan with limited features, SMEs can access more advanced features and functionalities by subscribing to their paid plans, which start at $35 per month. These plans include features like hidden fields, custom thank-you screens, and advanced reporting options.


Qualtrics is a powerful survey and research platform known for its comprehensive features and robust capabilities. SMEs can design surveys using advanced question types, complex skip logic, and custom display options to create highly tailored surveys. Qualtrics offers advanced data analysis tools, including statistical analysis and sentiment analysis, to extract meaningful insights from the survey responses. 

Pricing for Qualtrics is available upon request and varies based on the specific needs and requirements of the SME. The platform is highly customisable and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Alchemer is a versatile online survey tool that provides SMEs with a wide range of question types and customisation options. SMEs can create complex surveys using advanced survey logic, including skip logic, piping, and randomisation, to ensure a personalised experience for respondents. Alchemer offers customisable templates, question libraries, and pre-built themes to streamline the survey creation process. 

While a free plan is available with limited features, SMEs can access more advanced features by subscribing to their paid plans, starting at $25 per month. These plans offer enhanced functionalities like custom branding, advanced reporting, and integrations with popular CRM systems.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a real-time audience interaction platform that allows SMEs to engage with their audience through live polls, quizzes, and open-ended questions. SMEs can create interactive presentations and gather instant feedback from their audience. 

Poll Everywhere offers a free plan with limited features, making it accessible to businesses with tight budgets. SMEs can upgrade to their paid plans starting at $19 per month, which provides features like custom branding, priority support, and advanced reporting. Poll Everywhere is particularly useful for SMEs conducting live events, workshops, or training sessions.

Zoho Survey 

Zoho Survey offers a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing SMEs to create surveys without any coding knowledge easily. SMEs can choose from a variety of question types, customize themes, and collaborate in real-time with team members. Zoho Survey provides advanced reporting options, including charts, filters, and cross-tabulations, to analyse survey data effectively. 

SMEs can start with the free plan that has limited features, and if they require more advanced functionalities, they can subscribe to paid plans starting at $20 per month. These paid plans offer features like white-labelling, email notifications, and integration with other Zoho applications.


SurveyLegend focuses on providing mobile-friendly surveys that offer a seamless experience on any device. SMEs can create surveys with customisable templates and themes, enhancing the visual appeal of their surveys. The platform offers advanced reporting options, including real-time data visualisation, filtering, and cross-tabulations. 

SMEs can start with the free plan, which has limitations, and upgrade to the paid plans starting at $15 per month to access additional features like unlimited questions, advanced survey logic, and collaboration with team members. SurveyLegend is a suitable choice for SMEs that prioritise mobile compatibility and want to create visually appealing surveys.


Pollfish specialises in mobile survey solutions and offers a large pool of respondents for SMEs to gather insights from diverse audiences. SMEs can target specific demographics, locations, or even app users to ensure the surveys reach their desired audience. Pollfish provides various question types and customisation options to create tailored surveys. 

Pricing for Pollfish is available upon request and varies based on the specific requirements and scope of the survey project. SMEs can leverage Pollfish to conduct mobile surveys and gain valuable insights to inform their business strategies.

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