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Austin Distel

Elevate your business operations with top messaging tools

When it comes to talking and getting things done in small businesses, having the right messaging tool is super important.

Instant messaging has soared in popularity in recent years. In fact, the number of worldwide instant messaging accounts is expected to top 9.5 billion by 2025. There’s no doubt that your customers are using instant messaging platforms. The same goes for your team. The real question is whether you’re maximizing instant messaging, also known as IM, to meet your business needs.

Check out our list of the best ones that make teamwork easy, help messages flow smoothly, and make work faster. In this week’s edition of Tech Tuesday, we share our favorite picks that can really make a big difference for all kinds of businesses.

ipSCAPE Conenct

ipSCAPE Connect enhances team collaboration and drives organisational efficiency through combining multiple communication channels into a single interface. Employees can seamlessly message one another across chat, make and record phone calls and have a video conference.  This real-time Unified Communications solution is available on a mobile app and the web browser, to facilitate flexible work. With streamlined access to extensive messaging functionality such as file sharing, voice memos and more, employees can easily collaborate one-on-one or in a group chat. 

 ipSCAPE Connect goes one step further than traditional messaging platforms, showing a visual ‘presence’ that indicates an employee’s availability status. Presence promotes quicker collaboration which is especially important in a remote working environment. Built with end-to-end encryption and utilised by enterprise organisations as well as small-to-medium businesses, ipSCAPE Connect’s internal messagingcapabilities can be customised for languages and regions, supporting a collaborative global workforce.  

Zoom/Zoom Team Chat

Zoom has quickly become synonymous with virtual meetings, but it has led the workforce through innovation, providing unified solutions to communicate and collaborate. Zoom Team Chat, is an internal messaging platform that facilitates real-time communication that combines with Zoom Phone, Zoom Whiteboard, and Zoom Meetings, further enhancing modern team collaboration. It allows free and paid users to streamline communications between team members and external Zoom users. It allows you to send chat messages to different types of recipient groups, from a single contact directly to an established chat channel with multiple contacts.

With the integration of video meetings, file sharing, and presence status in one place the platform strengthens your entire communication experience. Team Chat also offers powerful search functionality, intuitive design, and granular admin controls. Zoom Team Chat also integrates with dozens of popular service providers, so you not only get a (toggle) tax break — you can also unearth new ways to help make your work more efficient.


Workvivo (a Zoom Company) is emerging as a game-changing employee experience platform (EXP). Built for the digital-first workplace, the platform simplifies internal communications and drives engagement by empowering employees and helping everyone feel included, no matter where they work.  As an advanced internal messaging platform, Workvivo sets itself apart with standout features that allow employees to connect on a deeper level – including recognition and social-style updates.Since its acquisition by Zoom in 2023, Workvivo customers can now access the platform within the Zoom desktop client, offering a seamless experience. 

This integration will enable customers using both Workvivo and Zoom to move seamlessly between both platforms, enhancing the continuity of experience. As employee experience platforms become a crucial component of the digital workplace, Workvivo continues to be a standout, supporting connection, engagement, and bringing company culture to life digitally.


Slack makes connecting with colleagues easy. Message anyone within your organisation or use Slack Connect to collaborate with people outside your workplace – just like you would in person. It’s a productivity platform that redefines workplace communication, with a focus on uniting teams, eliminating roadblocks and boosting productivity. 

With innovative features like audio and video clips, it’s never been easier to go beyond traditional text-based messaging, engaging and collaborating efficiently with your peers and colleagues. This functionality enhances the overall communication experience with transcription services for audio and video content, allowing teams to share ideas, provide feedback, and connect in a more immersive manner. Slack’s asynchronous model ensures valuable information is easily searchable, archived and accessed at a time that is most convenient for the recipient. 

Alongside its audio-video capabilities, Slack organises discussions via channels and threads to prevent information overload, while integrating with third-party apps helps to streamline workflows. 

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