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Amber Boyer, founder of Baiia

Making waves: Meet Baiia’s visionary founder

She’s a fashion maven who turned a side hustle into a thriving, award-winning swimwear brand — meet Amber Boyer, the trailblazing founder of Baiia. 

Despite juggling three jobs, the ambitious 28-year-old launched her sustainable swimwear label in 2016, quickly making waves in an industry that often overlooks the needs of real women. With her hero product selling over 40,000 pieces and gaining popularity with breastfeeding and mastectomy patients, Amber is proving that inclusivity and sustainability can go hand in hand. Her unique multi-piece designs cater to sizes 4-26, celebrating the female form in all its beauty.

Amber’s journey to founding Baiia Swimwear began with a personal struggle. She couldn’t find swimsuits that made her feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. But rather than settling for what was available, Amber decided to take matters into her own hands and create a swimwear line that celebrated all women’s bodies.

Amber spent her formative years on islands, where she spent most of her time in swimwear. She felt a deep connection to both nature and herself when she was wearing it. “I studied fashion at TAFE and always had a passion for it,” said Amber. “I grew up on the Soloman Islands and practically lived in swimwear – it was a time I felt most connected to nature and myself.” 

But as she got older, she found herself becoming increasingly self-conscious, especially in a swimsuit. But she refused to let those negative feelings win and instead channelled them into creating a swimwear line that made women feel empowered and beautiful.  

“I started seriously thinking about designing swimwear at a time when I was becoming increasingly self-conscious in my body, especially in a swimsuit.”

“I thought back to when I felt the freest and self-assured – it was when I was a young girl, roaming the beach in swimwear,” she continued. “I wanted to recreate that feeling for a new, older version of myself who wanted to feel sexy in a swimsuit. I also couldn’t find anything made from sustainable or recycled fabrics that I liked or was designed aesthetically for people who weren’t already into ‘eco fashion’.

“And so I decided to create my own. I had taken some time off to travel before this and discovered fashion’s devastating impact on the environment,” Amber added. 

“At the time, there weren’t any beautifully designed and ethically made swimwear brands, so I set out to create something that was ethical and sustainable from day dot.

“I did a lot of research into different manufacturers and ended up winning an investment from my old uni to create something that had a socially conscious slant. That and my three jobs helped me launch and continue researching what customers wanted until we created our best-selling reversible wrap bikini.”

A sustainable vision

Amber was also motivated by a desire to create something sustainable and eco-friendly, and her passion for sustainable fashion and the environment can be traced back to her upbringing around beaches. 

Making waves: Meet Baiia’s visionary founder

Her brand, Baiia, reflects this ethos through its unique designs that cater to women of all shapes and sizes. The multi-piece suits are stylish and ethically produced from recycled and Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics. The versatility of these suits allows wearers to create brand-new combinations that flatter their bodies and suit their style and comfort.

“Our materials are sourced from reputable suppliers that have a strong track record of offering environmentally conscious stretch fabrics. Ensuring the materials are certified and made in accordance with what the suppliers are claiming is also really important,” Amber said. 

Overcoming challenges

Baiia Swimwear founder, Amber, is no stranger to the challenges of running a successful swimwear brand. With a commitment to maintaining the quality and fit of her products, Amber and her team are constantly refining their designs to ensure that each piece is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

But it’s not just about maintaining the status quo – innovation is also key for Baiia Swimwear. With a goal to offer new and exciting products that cater to a wider range of customers, the brand carefully considers the needs and desires of its loyal fan base. By listening to feedback and incorporating it into its design process, Baiia Swimwear strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

“Some of my biggest challenges are common to swimwear brands. The mental side of running a business can be extremely challenging. It’s tough not having others around you who can fully understand the responsibility of growing a strong team, pre-selling thousands of units to customers only to have the product arrive damaged, or problem-solving when cashflow isn’t as anticipated (these are some of the toughest challenges I’ve faced so far, and sometimes they can take place all at once).

“It can be extremely stressful and isolating.”

Despite the many obstacles that come with running a business, Amber is determined to succeed. “You get mentally stronger each time you overcome these challenges, which makes the journey of running a business incredibly rewarding. Reaching out and asking for help from mentors or others who are in the same boat is incredibly important.”

The secret mantra – authentic marketing

Baiia Swimwear’s success stems from its unique designs, versatile garments, and ability to appeal to women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. By using user-generated content in its marketing strategy, Baiia has been able to attract new customers while retaining its loyal ones.

“Our world-first designs, the versatility and multi-functionality of our garments, and our ability to speak to women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities differentiate us from competitors.”

Baiia Swimwear prides itself on being a swimwear brand that stands out from its competitors. The company’s unique designs and versatile garments set it apart from others in the industry. Baiia’s swimsuits are made to be multi-functional, catering to women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. These features have played a significant role in attracting customers and retaining them.

When it comes to marketing, Baiia Swimwear has found success by using user-generated content. “Our most successful marketing strategy has been using user-generated content of real customers wearing our swimsuits.”

The brand leverages the power of social media by encouraging its customers to share photos of themselves wearing Baiia swimsuits. By repurposing this content through paid ads, emails, and their website, Baiia can reach new audiences and build trust with potential customers.

According to Amber, one of the keys to Baiia Swimwear’s success is its internal digital marketing team. This team is constantly learning and staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that their marketing efforts are always cutting-edge.

In addition to this, Baiia Swimwear also conducts regular, in-depth qualitative surveys to gain a better understanding of its target audience. 

These surveys provide valuable feedback on how to best communicate with their customers and ensure that their messaging resonates with their core demographic. Amber notes that If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to break into the swimwear industry, there are a few things to keep in mind to give yourself the best chance of success.

Firstly, it’s essential to create a unique product that fills a gap in the market. Do your research and find out what is missing in the industry and what customers are looking for. Once you have identified the gap, focus on building a strong brand identity around your product. Storytelling and real customer experiences are powerful tools to help you connect with your audience and build a loyal following.

In today’s world, sustainability is more important than ever. Using sustainable materials wherever possible can be a powerful way to differentiate your brand and appeal to eco-conscious customers. 

“Use sustainable materials to differentiate your brand whenever possible and seek mentorship and support from other entrepreneurs and industry professionals.” 

Also, do your research and use the most sustainable materials within your budget. It’s also important to seek mentorship and support from other entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Joining industry groups, attending conferences and networking events, and seeking out advice from mentors can help you gain valuable insights and avoid common pitfalls.

Finally, keep an open mindset where learning and optimism are key. Building a successful swimwear brand takes time and perseverance. By staying optimistic and open to new ideas, you’ll be better able to adapt to the ever-changing industry landscape and keep your brand relevant and competitive.

“Keep an open mindset where learning and optimism are key,” Amber concludes.

Visit Baiia.

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