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Chaindesk: All-in-one Ai support and lead generation tool

Chaindesk is a cutting-edge business tool that offers an AI-powered support ecosystem for businesses. With Chaindesk, you can train a custom GPT chatbot using your company’s data to handle a variety of tasks such as support, lead generation, and more. The platform’s no-code interface makes it easy to import data from sources like Notion and Google Drive, customize your chatbot’s persona and goals, deploy it to your website or existing tools, and monitor conversations across all channels.

By utilizing advanced Generative AI models like GPT-4, Chaindesk is able to provide secure and precise responses, instantly resolving 80% of support queries and reducing your team’s ticket volume. The platform seamlessly ingests content from various sources, ensuring comprehensive responses 24/7. With features like trustworthy AI, omnichannel conversations, human handoff, and conversational forms, Chaindesk offers a comprehensive solution for engaging with customers and managing conversations in one place.

Chaindesk also offers additional features such as a shared inbox for managing customer conversations, AI-powered email support for faster responses, and lead generation capabilities for collecting and organizing customer data. The platform prioritizes privacy and security, with data encryption and secure servers to protect sensitive information.

Thousands of businesses worldwide are already leveraging Chaindesk’s Generative AI platform to enhance their customer support experience and streamline their workflows. With Chaindesk, businesses can easily train AI chatbots, create AI-driven forms, automate email support, and more. Don’t get left behind – start building your own custom AI chatbot with Chaindesk today and stay ahead of the competition.

Chaindesk – Features

  • AI-powered support chatbot trained on your data
  • Import data from various sources like Notion and Google Drive
  • Customize chatbot persona and goals to fit your brand
  • Deploy chatbot to your website or existing tools with a few clicks
  • Monitor conversations and take over AI chatbot when needed
  • Resolve 80% of support queries instantly with Generative AI models
  • Seamless integration with various data sources for diverse responses
  • Scale your team without hiring more with AI customer service solution.

Chaindesk – Pricing

Chaindesk’s pricing plans start with a Free version offering basic features. The Growth plan at $25/month offers more messages and team seats. The Pro plan at $99/month provides even more features, and the Enterprise plan at $499/month offers dedicated support and extensive features for large teams.

Visit chaindesk.ai for more.

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