Talent management in the workplace: How to retain your employees in Australia

Modern day Australians bring their tech-savvy skills to the workplace; they are natural born networkers and “achievement-oriented” as well. Technologies such as video conferencing and the use of mobile phone applications comes second nature to them. As such, this new breed of employees come equipped with a plethora of the skills that are required by major employers due to the increasingly tech oriented nature of present day company operations.

However, it should be noted that the present generation of Australian employees value their benefits since this generation was among the hardest hit by the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent recession that followed. Forbes, in fact, recently revealed that among all the previous generations of employees, it is this generation that is the most likely to leave a job for better opportunities. This is not to say that this generation can be considered self-centred or disloyal; rather, from their perspective, loyalty is measured by their level of productivity and performance and, as such, the benefits implemented by the company to attract Australian employees should take this into consideration.

Examining Employee Opinions

One way in which companies can figure out what their employees want is to utilise technology like the video conferencing equipment Blue Jeans services in order to gather the opinions of their employees. This is a relatively quick and easy way in which a company can immediately determine how their employees perceive their current benefits and what sort of changes they would like the company to implement in the future.

One of the qualities that increase the interest of individuals from the present day generation of Australian employees for particular types of jobs is the inherent flexibility found within a given position. The concept of flexibility can range from the scheduling and time off policies that are in place within the company to the way in which a job allows its employees to be creative with what they do instead of following rigid corporate policies. For instance, with improvements in present day video conferencing technology, some employees in Australia want to be able to have work from home opportunities and the companies they work for have to at least seriously consider implementing such a program.

Standard Benefits that Appeal to Australian Employees

What you have to understand is that compared to previous generations, present day generations in Australia places a higher level of importance on the concept of the work-life balance wherein each aspect compliments the other. Roberthalf.co.uk states that by presenting potential employees with the opportunity to personally adjust their schedules within a reasonable level as well as allow them an appropriate level of freedom via the use of video conferencing from their home offices due to various obligations involving their personal life, this results in a greater level of employee retention as compared to setting a rigid corporate policy.

Going back to the correlation between creativity and flexibility, it must be noted that individuals from the present generation are far more technologically sophisticated as compared to their counterparts. Not only that, they have been taught to be more independent when it comes to accomplishing certain tasks and solving problems. As such, it is recommended that in order to attract young generations of employees it would be necessary to create an internal business culture that fosters creative thinking. This can come in the form of promoting the use of the latest technologies in video conferencing, collaboration and project management in order to get jobs done quickly and effectively.

Lastly, Careeronestop.org explains that another standard benefit that is often given to members of the present day generation comes in the form of fully paid advanced training for their particular positions. This can come in the form of management classes, technical courses and an assortment of other educational opportunities that are fully paid for by the company. By providing this particular benefit, companies are not only able to improve the quality of their workers but are able to provide the much desired opportunities for advancement that members of the present generation constantly seek.

Non Standard Benefits To Think About

One benefit that has been growing in prominence as of late is the use of social networking devices within the workplace. It has been acknowledged by various companies that due to the way in which the present generation has developed, this has resulted in the need to be constantly connected to their peers via social networking and as such it has been increasingly allowed by companies that their employees can chat or message online, albeit to a limited degree and within a certain set of boundaries.

Based on what has been presented so far, it can be seen that individuals who are part of the present day generation value the ability to choose their own schedule, be allowed a certain degree of flexibility within the work place via video conferencing from their home office, the ability to properly balance their work and life and lastly they place a greater degree of importance on the concepts of opportunity and performance. When taking such factors into consideration, it becomes apparent that in order to bring more members of the present generation of Australian workers into a company, their strategy should be in line with the aforementioned factors that have been mentioned in this article in order to properly attract employees of this particular demographic to the company.

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