The importance of blogging for brand optimisation

The rules of branding have changed significantly since the dawn of era. All organisations understand the importance of building an online reputation as they strive to win over new customers.

Blogging is unquestionably one of the most effective ways for brands to position themselves. Experts have pointed out that brands that blog regularly generate 67% more leads than brands that do not.

Why is blogging so important? Here are a few of the benefits that every brand must be aware of.

Build a Community Around your Brand

Venture burn wrote in article that covered the birth of WordPress. Brian Krogsgard, the founder of the WordPress pointed out that building a community was critical to the formation of his brand. This lesson holds true for companies outside the digital technology world as well. Blogging allows you to form a community, which is necessary to build a base of loyal followers.

Showcase your Expertise

Customers are much more likely to rally behind brands that have demonstrated a solid understanding of their industry. In the digital age, customers are much more likely to get their information online. Therefore, you’ll want to create a blog that proves you are a leader in your field. If you actively promote your blog, customers will eventually find it and become strong supporters of your brand.

Cater to Your Target Market

The number of brands that operate online has increased by over 200% in recent years. Since there are so many choices available, it can be difficult for any single company to stand out without developing a strong online presence. They must identify a very specific market to tackle. Blogging allows your Company to create niche content that appeals to the demographic your marketing too. This helps you stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Build Relationships with Other Thought Leaders

One of the least recognised benefits of blogging is that it allows brands to form relationships with other industry leaders. This doesn’t just include other companies that sell similar products, but also any influencers that can affect customer perception. Guest blogging on their sites, citing their articles on your own blog and collaborating on new content ideas are always to strengthen relationships with other industry leaders. Building loyalty among these influencers will encourage them to speak more highly of your brand, which will better position you among your target market.

About the author:

Rehan Ijaz is a business graduate who specialises in Finance. Rehan is passionate about writing articles and blogs specifically related to Business and Management. His areas of interest are strategic decision making and digital business strategy. 

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