More SMEs taking up search engine marketing products

Reports have shown that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) products are growing in popularity among local SMEs.

Over the last 12 months there has been a significant growth in the SEM industry within Australia.

“SEM is still a relatively new area for many small businesses in Australia, and as the number of businesses with websites grows, so does the need for SEM products,” Sensis Performance Advertising group manager Tegan Dullard said.

The 2011 Sensis e-Business report indicated a rise in the number of SMEs with websites who plan to increase their search engine marketing budget.

“It’s really important SMEs don’t miss out on the market opportunity available to them. Having a website without SEM is like opening a shop and not putting any signage up – nobody knows you’re there.”

In response to this trend, Sensis has launched ClickManager Express, an entry-level SEM product that focuses on advertising through Google AdWords.

“The combination of our partnership with Google and Yellow Pages being such an established and trusted brand provides businesses who want to give SEM a try with the confidence to do so.”

Thanks to advancements in the SEM industry, small businesses can go from having no website and SEM to both in a short period of time.

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