Australian family businesses still favour sons over daughters in business name

Girls may be the apple of their fathers’ eyes, but not when it comes to business. Research from Yellow ( in the lead up to Father’s Day shows that there are only 10 businesses across Australia whose business name includes ‘and Daughter(s)’, compared to some 1,200 businesses across Australia that incorporate ‘and Sons’ into their business name.

Father-daughter businesses with ‘and Daughter(s)’ in their business name are scattered across Australia and range from a variety of industries such as real estate, funeral services, painting and decorating, building and gardening. Victorian businesses with these titles include Syd Peek & Daughter Funeral Directors and Ray Pedersen & Daughter Painting & Decorating while South Australian businesses include property agents Wilfred E Coombe & Daughter.

The largest number of ‘and Sons’ businesses fell primarily in the building and construction industry. The top headings for such businesses were building contractors who formed the largest number with 59 family businesses across the nation.

Plumbers & gasfitters and excavating and earth moving contractors formed the second and third largest family type businesses using the ‘and Sons’ in their company name with 54 and 42 businesses respectively.

"From our data, it’s apparent that a good number of family run businesses still view putting the words ‘and Sons’ in their name as important," said Stephen Harvy, Group Marketing Manager from Yellow™ Directories. "This was especially dominant in the building and trades sector, which includes family businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation."

NSW recorded the largest number of ‘and Sons’ businesses with 393 companies followed closely by Victoria with 384 businesses. The Northern Territory recorded the lowest number of such businesses with only five businesses having ‘and Sons’ in their business name.

The top three market segments incorporating the words ‘and Sons’ in their business name were:

• Home improvement related companies with 33 percent of Yellow™ directory advertisers using ‘and Sons’ in their name

• Produce and Supply companies with 25 percent of Yellow™ directory advertisers using ‘and Sons’ in their name

• Professional services businesses with 11 percent of Yellow™ directory advertisers using ‘and Sons’ in their name

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