Webtrends helps the AP kick goals at FIFA World Cup

Webtrends today announced that it will provide the analytics and measurement for The Associated Press’s newly launched FIFA Football World Cup mobile application and website.

FIFA World CupAs the FIFA 2010 Football World Cup continues, Webtrends will advise AP how to best optimise its media to best attract soccer fans, and keep them updated and connected to the games.

Casey Carey, Vice President of products at Webtrends believes sponsored applications are both revenue generating and extend AP’s contents reach.

“Sponsored applications are a good source of incremental revenue for publishers of content and for this reason, sponsors want to understand the effectiveness of their investment,” Mr. Carey told Mobile Marketer

“AP tapped Webtrends to help measure the usage of their app, as the number of downloads does not truly depict activity levels considering many people download apps and never use them,” he said.

The use of Webtrends will help AP to understand adoption and measure usage goals, according to AP’s general manager of global product development, Jeffrey Litvack.

“We want fans that use our mobile applications to have access to information about the games whenever, and wherever they want…with the help of Webtrends, we are provided relevant insight into how the applications are being used.”

Webtrends has developed into one of the media industry’s most powerful and comprehensive solution for assessing how its digital channels are performing.

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