New business plan

The secret to building a lasting business

Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook all know the strategy. Here’s how you can make it work for your business.

As 2011 progressed, I began to feel a compelling need to write a book about the platform as an important and new business model. As I will explain shortly, I have learned from personal experience that building a platform is not only beneficial, but also imperative for many companies’ survival. I look at myself as a case in point: In a relatively short period of time, I redefined my business and launched completely new products and services. How did I do this? In short, I built my own platform.

The backstory

By way of background, from 2002 until 2008 with a few brief exceptions, my entire livelihood was tied to one fairly specific type of work: enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting.

Even that type of relatively provincial work involves a wide variety of people and technical skills. Let’s just say, however, that more than 99 percent of all companies never considered engaging me. And probably 99.99% did not need me at any given time.

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