Symantec donates software to charities

Symantec Corp today announced that they will be donating Symantec enterprise software to Australian non-profit organizations, as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The donations will be made through Connecting Up, Australia’s DonorTec software donation program. DonorTec provides donated software and hardware to eligible Australian charities, voluntary and community groups with Income Tax Exempt Status (ITE).

Craig Scroggie, vice president and managing director, Pacific region, Symantec said that through this program the company will support communities in areas where Symantec employees live and work.

“Charities, community groups and voluntary organisations are operating in the same complex environment as businesses. Our software will help give these organisations confidence that their operations are well managed and well protected. That frees up their already limited funds to allocate to activities that benefit their clients,” he said.

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