Small business is being unfairly undervalued

Despite a steady increase in the number of small businesses operating in Australia, potential clients are still prioritising relationships with larger companies.

Small businessAccording to a recent study, there are nearly two million active small businesses in Australia, representing 96 percent of all business, with around 68 percent of all small business being home-based. Yet despite these businesses having smaller operator’s credentials and credibility many potential clients and customers still have the mindset that bigger is better.

Dash PR, a full service boutique public relations consultancy in Sydney, is among the number of smaller business that have been disadvantaged by this opinion.

Director of Dash PR, Christine Kardashian, believes the recent snubs are due to being a sole operator – even being told so by potential clients after they decided to go with bigger agencies. Kardashian says the main reason why potential clients have gone to larger outfits is because they feel they will get more exposure.

Small businesses wishing to attract more clients and customers should emphasise the benefits that accompany a smaller size, including personalised service, one-to-one communication, transparency and flexibility.

Clients need to remember that in larger companies the senior staff who pitched and pursued you in most cases will disappear and your work will instead be handled by unskilled junior staffers. Bigger is not necessarily better!

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