Recruitment workers panic about job security

In an ironic twist, those workers who are paid to help the unemployed find a job, may soon find themselves out of work, as the Federal Government recasts Australia’s job network and looks to overseas companies to aid jobless Australians.

As a result many job centres in regional Australia may be shut down leading to hundreds of job losses.

Greens Senator Rachel Siewert believes the system will put a lot of job centre workers out onto the street.

“The Government will be directly sending hundreds, if not thousands, of people into unemployment when they take the services away from these community organisations,” she said.

The man in charge with delivering the new job network landscape, Employment Participation Minister Brendan O’Connor, believes the scheme will work in the best interest of job seekers.

“My priority is to look after job seekers so they can find work when the economy recovers.”

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