Productivity drops, workplace stress increases

New research has shown that the economic crisis and excessive workloads are causing an undue amount of stress in the workplace, resulting in lost productivity.

International recruitment firm Robert Half have released their Workplace Survey of 404 Australians to gauge how the workplace is being affected by the economic crisis. Stress is becoming a major problem, with 66 percent predicting stress in their company will increase during the course of the year; while 63 percent believe that concern about the economy is to blame for the stress, and 61 percent cite excessive workload due to understaffing and layoffs.

Andrew Brushfield, Director for Robert Half said stress is a costly issue for employers to ignore as it results in a drop in productivity.

“Employers need to put measures in place to manage the bottom-line impacts of this issue and at the same time, ensure the wellbeing of their staff.”

He said companies need to find a balance between “positive tension and energy which can enhance productivity and high stress levels which can impede it.”

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