Melbourne company puts safety first with iPhone app

A small Melbourne company has developed a new iPhone application designed to protect users from an attack anywhere in the world.

The application, I am Safe, works like a panic button that is programmed to send recorded voice, SMS and email messages to a predetermined list of five family and friends once activated. A Google Map is also activiated to track the user’s location.

The software’s designer, Tim Hine, CEO of Xpertise Mobile, was inspired to come up with the safety app following the deadly attack on Australian backpacker Britt Lapthorne in Croatia.

“I just thought there must be some way to tackle this kind of thing,” he said.

The app will initially only be available to iPhone users but will soon be ported to other platforms including Google’s Android. The app costs $US2.99 ($3.30), an offer on for a limited time only, and will then change to $US6.99.

Hine was adamant he did not intend to profit from Lapthorne’s memory and was in fact hopeful that the app would prevent further tragedies.

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