Happy customer

Is referral business just about giving good service?

Referrals are a huge part of being successful in business but does it happen just because you give a good service? Have a great product? Maybe, maybe not. I suggest that there is a little more at play in the area of being in the people game than just the business game.

How you behave and make the client feel will have them coming back for more, and this isn’t anything new but make sure you understand that your behaviours have to be flexible to fit the client. You have a true gift in the people game if you can act differently with different clients. It is all about being aware of what your client wants and making them comfortable with you and in your environment.

If your client is happy with the service/product AND feels happy and comfortable around you then it will mean they will be happy and comfortable to refer you to their colleagues or friends! This is what it is all about. In business, being a behavioural chameleon means you can be open to more and different people to be in your professional network. You can be anyone’s business associate, not just the associate for blokey blokes and doing all your business on the golf course – although this isn’t such a bad way to spend your days however it limits your network, a client might like this sort of environment but they will only refer you to their network that would also only like this situation….. This is limiting. Be the every person’s person.

Use etiquette, connection and rapport building and awareness to be neutral and be open to a greater and bigger network of people, this is especially important as you are growing your client base.

Remember that people buy from people they like.

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