Google+ to plug social media gaps

Experts are suggesting Google’s new social networking platform will likely see greater popularity than its main rival Facebook, as it produces much-needed solutions for gaps in social media.

According the Founder and Director of leading AdWords company SponsoredLinX Ben Bradshaw, some of the key benefits of Google+, such as the ability to separate friends into different circles and target them with posts, will lead it to enjoy greater popularity than Facebook, with 20 million people having joined the network even before it’s official launch.

“This is really exciting for the internet marketing industry as it’s the first time that social media and search are integrated into the one platform,” he said.

Facebook has now reached a plateau in terms of what it can offer users. It will need to do a complete revamp and rebuild in order to rival what Google Plus is offering … Facebook does not allow users to segregate our different friendship groups, with the only option being setting up a business page specifically for professional contacts, which offers reduced functionality.”

Bradshaw said in addition to being cleaner and easier to navigate, Google+ boasts other advantages such as allowing users to “like” search results and then recommend these to friends, as well as the ability to search for new friends via Google, not just within the social media platform itself.

“This integration with a search platform has other enormous benefits for businesses by consolidating their web presence and furthering SEO rankings at the same time.”

“There is no doubt that there was a gap in the market for a platform that integrates all of these key business and personal portals in the one place and this is it. Businesses and private users should welcome this concept with enthusiasm.”

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