Eco-products on the rise

The rise in eco-products over the past couple of years has been duely noted, and while 2008 saw a boom in consumer interest for eco-products globally, Tri Nature predicts eco-household and business products will  surge in 2009.

The demand for eco-products has increased substantially over the past year and it is no longer enough to be “just green”, according to Tri Nature founder Brian Mclean.

As the pioneer of the ‘gentle chemistry’ concept which combines natural ingredients to work harmoniously and create the lowest possible toxicity for flora and fauna, Tri Nature’s products are proving to be so popular, they are planning to unveil new retail concept stores nationwide.

“There are definitely growing demands that the product be as effective and economical as supermarket equivalents and that the ingredients used are sustainably grown and ethically sourced,” said Mclean.

Over the past five years, Tri Nature’s sales have risen with an average of 20 units per month, and the movement is only set to get bigger, says Mclean.

“ There are now so many dimensions of ‘being green.’ If the movement wasn’t so strong, widespread and definite, the market would still be happy with just ‘natural ingredients’.”

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