Apple iPhone update for 3G/3GS triggers Google Sync problems

Apple’s iPhone update to iOS4 went well for iPhone 3G and 3GS phones yesterday, however the iOS 4 update caused problems with Google Sync (Gmail/Calender/Contacts) for many.

iPhone UpdateAfter applying the iPhone update, many users encountered sync problems when syncing their Google accounts including Gmail through the exchange sync functionality. Some have reported that changing connections or simply turning their iPhone off and on again will correct the problem, however Google has reported that the rush of traffic triggered by the swarm of iPhone iOS 4 users syncing their data has spiked their load and created problems for users.

It is advised that if you use your iPhone for business and rely on Gmail/Google Accounts syncing to be able to work, to not apply the iOS 4 iPhone update to your phone until the Google sync problems have been fully ironed out.

Google Sync experienced degraded service today, starting from 10AM PDT. This resulted in sync delays for mail, calendar, and contacts on
all devices. We’ve worked hard to eliminate those delays and continue our efforts to restore stable service to all users. We will post an update once these issues have been resolved.

These issues coincided with today’s release of iOS4 from Apple and reflect additional load due to the upgrade. We are making appropriate
adjustments in our service infrastructure. In the meantime, note that Google engineers have tested pre-release versions of iOS4 and are
continuing our certification process with the final build. We’ll post an announcement when our tests are complete and if we find any
compatibility issues with the upgrade. We recognize the importance of making Google Sync more reliable.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues

Additional suggestions have come in to fix the Google sync issues for those who are stuck with the problem after applying the iPhone update:

“Reset Network Settings was the fix suggested for Exchange connections here” Says Gavin.

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