A roadmap to self-reliance for solopreneurs

One isn’t always the loneliest number. In fact, it may be all that’s needed to operate a successful business.

Harvey Manger-Weil’s business proposition sounds like the type of wacky offer you’d find advertised in the back of an old comic book, next to the X-ray specs: A perfect score on your SAT, results guaranteed! Yet after more than two years tutoring hundreds of clients, Manger-Weil has proved his merit.

While not all of his clients score a perfect 2,400 on their college entrance exams, most of them (and their bill-paying parents) are over the moon when they jump several hundred points. More important, 95 percent of the students are accepted by the college of their choice.

A former alumni interviewer for Dartmouth, Manger-Weil was upset when he’d see smart students rejected because of mediocre SAT scores. A puzzle and code-breaking buff, he studied the test and developed techniques to “beat” it, refining his system by coaching the children of friends.

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