8 ways to make your business cards stand out

We might be living in a digital world, but paper business cards remain a vital part of networking, here’s how to make yours memorable.

As wired-in as most of us are, chances are you still return from a networking event or meeting with a stack of business cards in your pocket. In a world where LinkedIn has replaced the Rolodex, and we routinely pack far more powerful tools of connectivity, why does the paper card survive? Richard Moross – CEO of Moo.com, which sells stylish printed products – sees business cards as more than scraps of paper. “When we meet people at a conference, in a business setting or in a bar, it’s important we make a good impression, that we convey who we are, what we do and why that might be relevant,” Moross said in an e-mail exchange. “We want to stand out, and nothing has yet matched the power and simplicity of handing over a well-designed card–it starts a conversation.”

Business cards have unique potential for personal connections that can generate leads. Here’s how to optimise the space on that tiny paper canvas.

1. Include relevant social outposts. Since most businesses regard social media as a way to tell their story and engage with customers, it makes sense to highlight your Facebook page, YouTube channel or Pinterest account on your card.

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