Top 10 reasons to lease for small business

Leasing equipment can free up cash for more important needs, here are the top ten reasons to consider leasing as an option for your business.

#1 Simple access to finance Leasing companies want your business and keep the paperwork to a minimum.

#2 Keeps cash flowing Leasing avoids big cash payments and preserves your liquidity.

#3 Ease of budgeting Lease payments are fixed, so you can budget and plan with certainty.

#4 Avoid depreciation Leasing and equipment finance is an operating expense with no depreciation to account for or track.

#5 Bundle your solution Bundle all your equipment, accessories and installation into an equipment lease or asset finance agreement.

#6 Be more productive The extra productivity the new equipment brings will help pay for the lease costs.

#7 Avoid obsolescence Lease assets and equipment over their productive life then upgrade at the end of term to new and better equipment.

#8 Evolve with your lease As business needs evolve, you can add on equipment at any stage of the lease term and include it all in one monthly payment.

#9 Tax benefits Leasing is a fully deductible operating expense for tax purposes for a business. Ask your accountant or tax adviser for advice.

#10 Flexibility At the end of an agreement you can choose to upgrade the equipment, extend the lease, make an offer to purchase or return the equipment.

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