Free online incubator for start-ups: MOOCs

It’s the model completely disrupting the education sector, but Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) also offer massive potential for start-ups.

Open Universities Australia’s Executive General Manager, Jose Herrea Pera, said MOOcs have become the accidental ally of the start-up.

“They give oxygen to a potential business by giving the aspiring entrepreneur the opportunity to explore the creative processes and management structures required to start a business in a risk free environment,” Herrea Pera said.

From courses on the process of innovation, to crowd sourcing and stimulating the creative process, MOOCs offers a risk-free environment to incubate potential start-ups.

Herrea Pera added that MOOCs could be the difference between simply having a great idea, and executing it effectively.

“It would be great if having an idea was enough to guarantee a successful business. It needs to be capably supported by business processes and management practices,” Herrea Pera said.

“Participants can pick and choose management courses based on their specific needs. They can choose from financial literacy and planning, project and strategic management and web writing and advertising,” he added.

MOOCs courses essentially remove traditional barriers such as money to accessing high quality education.

“Because they are delivered on-line, participants don’t need to be concerned with the financial costs or time it takes to travel to traditional courses or seminars,” Herrea Pera said.

“Crystalising the business idea becomes less daunting when you know what’s involved. These courses demystify business management by offering practical skills by experts in their field from local and international education institutions. They empower the aspiring entrepreneur to confidently move to the next level.”

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