Best year to start a business not ‘til 2016

A new entrepreneur index has revealed confidence is high for start-ups, but 2016 is best time to launch a business.

When asked when the best time to start a new business would be, entrepreneurs overwhelmingly said three years from now would be ideal.

Snap printing surveyed more than 200 Australian entrepreneurs to better understand the issues most important for starting and growing businesses.

The most buoyant sectors for entrepreneurs were:

  • Tech (67 per cent);
  • Leisure (42 per cent);
  • Food (45 per cent);
  • Business services such as HR or marketing (38 per cent).

At the other end of the scale were fashion (12 per cent), retail (12.5 per cent) and manufacturing (11.5 per cent). Of those questioned, a third said they planned to start a new business within the next 12-months, while 20% were thinking about it.

Entrepreneurs also predicted when the best opportunities to start a business would exist. While 56 per cent thought that time would be in 12 months, the most fertile market was predicted as being in three years’ time (2016) with 79 per cent of respondents believing the most favourable time is still ahead.

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