Hospitality sector says buying online makes no difference

Hospitality product retailers believe that locally made products still reign supreme in the sector.

Despite the impact online shopping has had on the retail sector as a whole, new figures show hospitality as an industry has fared better than most.

Some 57 per cent of Australian hospitality businesses believe customers’ buying overseas products online has not negatively affected their business.

The 2013 survey conducted by found that just over half of consumers prefer Australian made products regardless of price, and 62 per cent believe locally-made products are of superior quality.

“Australian businesses are confident that customers will continue to buy Australian made products, as many customers won’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars,” Tony Haydar of GoHospitality said.

Business owners cannot afford to rest on their laurels however.

“To succeed in the competitive marketplace Australian businesses in the hospitality sector need to focus on delivering consistently high quality products and services,” Haydar added.

Many people are still purchasing Australian-made hospitality products as one quarter of respondents have purchased over 100 products from an Australian supplier in the past 12 months.

Additionally, 30 per cent of respondents in the past 12 months have purchased between 11 and 24 products from Australian suppliers.

In comparison only seven per cent of respondents purchased from an overseas supplier in the last 12 months, with half of respondents purchasing less than 10 products from overseas suppliers.

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