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Free listings for Australian businesses impacted by China trade wars

Australian small businesses have been among the more hard hit by the country’s tensions with China, but Dynamic Business would like to help.

With the world superpower threatening to slap major tariffs on many industries, the Australian economy may need to field a $6 billion blow to its exports.

The Department of Agriculture’s Abares commodities report, released on Monday, has shown the prices of fruit, lists trade tensions as a dark spot in an otherwise recovering industry.

Wine is predicted to be the most impacted, with a 28 per cent price fall estimated for wine grapes. The report blames “measures implemented to combat COVID-19” for reduced demand for red wine imports in China, as well as anti-dumping security measures imposed in late November.

Other industries expected to be heavily affected by decreased imports include wheat, wool, barley and fruit.

Dynamic Business offering free business listings

In order to help boost sales for small businesses suffering under the China trade wars or COVID-19, Dynamic Business is offering free listings to Australian producer/manufacturers.

This opportunity if ideally suited to winemakers, food manufacturers or any producer who has had to stop shipping due to the troubles. We know this is a terribly tough time, so we hope this helps.

To join the business listing, fill in the typeform below and receive the following:

  • Front Page of the website for a day
  • Your own page
  • Listing in the DB Daily Newsletter
  • Beautiful images of your product

List your business now.

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