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2020 was a year of unprecedented challenge for business owners. Almost overnight, businesses of all sizes were scrambling to find new customers and devise innovative ways to sell to existing customers. Uncertainty and fear abounded, but so too did resilience and ingenuity.

At both a state and federal level, the Australian government acted quickly and decisively, with schemes like JobKeeper preventing many businesses from going under. There will no doubt be financial challenges for Australian businesses as various schemes are phased out, but we should acknowledge the role the government has played in standing by SMEs to a level matched by few other countries.

Dynamic Business wrote about the difficulties facing its readers throughout 2020, but it also lived them. We are a small business ourselves, working remotely, relying on technology that occasionally fails us, knowing we have to be nimble and clever to remain successful. We, too, dream of a time when the team can enjoy Friday afternoon drinks together.

As we sat down to plan our 2021 Editorial Calendar, two major themes emerged. We will write articles focused on helping our readers survive and thrive. 

While everyone wants the year ahead to be easier than 2020, we know that a lot of businesses are still barely hanging on. For these readers, many of our articles will provide practical advice that addresses the challenges before them.

Despite the complexity of current business conditions, Dynamic Business is inspired every day by the entrepreneurs we encounter; entrepreneurs who have fearlessly launched new businesses during a highly volatile time or grasped the opportunities inherent in this volatility. During 2021, we will celebrate the businesses that are thriving, and provide insight into how and why they are succeeding.

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The results will help us ensure that our articles best assist you make 2021 a profitable year. 

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Business as your trusted provider of news and information. We look forward to helping you make 2021 a dynamic and prosperous year.

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