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How to effectively manage your brand

Your brand is what sells your product. Brand management builds and

Inside The Marketing Group: pooling SMEs under an umbrella to help them succeed

Taken on their own, sticks can be snapped. Bundled together, they

Print is dead. Long live print.

In an age where so much human interaction and communication takes

Promote your business all year long: Leveraging events, networks, sponsorships and more

Promoting your business is a full-time job. There’s traditional and digital

Why potential customers ignore your ads

The best way for people to learn about your company and

Why supporting charities makes good business sense

  Giving to charity is generally done without an expectation of

Local marketing: Online tips for small business owners

Admit it. You’re just a little jealous of large corporations with

Going against the grain and going strong: The advertising start-up reviving a lost art

We demand more, we want things quicker, and of course, we

Seasonal marketing: reaching your target market at just the right time

If you’re looking for ideas to promote your company’s products and

Your blog as a business: successful strategies for writing your way to fame and fortune

You hit publish. This is going to be epic. You wait.